If you have a disability, we help you avoid the risks of going to prison

We offer Forensic and Justice focused Support Coordination and Disability Services

People with disability are significantly overrepresented in the Justice System

This is a well known problem to organisations and individuals that work with people from this background.

However, the recent Royal Commission into the NDIS has highlighted just how signifcant this issue is.

Disbaility is being mistaken for criminality, leading to higher recidivism rates and cycles of going in and out of prison for people with disbaility.

It is common for behaviour associated with someone’s cognitive impairment and mental health conditions to be interpreted as aggresive or defiant which unfortunately leads to increased contact with police and ultimately imprisonment.


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Years experience in the Justice System

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of clients avoided reoffending

Nima Care is on a mission to address these issues by specialising in forensic and
justice related disability supports and services

Several studies have indicated that addressing an individual’s disability support needs will have a positive impact on their behaviour and reduce the risks of offending.

We have witnessed the impacts of this first hand, as we have seen numerous clients successfully transition out of prison, reintegrate into the community, and lead independent and meaningful lives.

With that said, there are only a limited number of service providers who have the expertise or willingness to achieve these outcomes.

So, we are taking it upon ourselves to bridge the gap between the NDIS and the Justice System.

Proudly Supporting

Support Coordination that bridges the gap between the interface of the Justice
System and the NDIS.

Navigating the NDIS can be complicated for people at all stages of the Justice System, especially as they approach release.

Our team has extensive experience working with psychosocial disability, mental health conditions and justice-related issues.

Together, we have over a decade of experience helping people transition from prison back into the community.

We go above and beyond the typical support coordination service to ensure that our clients disability support needs are met, while also helping them to mitigate against the common risk factors such as homelessness, substance abuse, education and employment.

In the community, our clients can expect to reach their short- and long-term NDIS/Community Correction Service goals, as well as build on their capacity to regulate their emotions; build healthy, prosocial support structures and live independently

Support Work that is sensitive to your justice background

We aim to connect you to support workers with lived experience, who are compassionate and empathetic towards the stigma associated with the Justice System.

As a result, you will receive supports that are relevant to promoting prosocial behaviours while also addressing your disability support needs.

What we can help with

Personal Care

Help around the house

Getting out in the community

Employment and education


Housing Support

Support services that are justice specific to help you safely transition back into the community.